About Us

About us

Who are we ?

Sales Bridge is a Canadian based company with our corporate headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta. Has your brand been "WoW!ed" lately? When was the last time a customer experienced the WoW! Factor with your brand? In today’s competitive market, all businesses are fighting for new consumers and their loyalty. At Canada Prime Marketing, our goal is to have your brand stand out by adding our WoW! Factor into the mix. We believe that the impacts from WoW! will lead to the enhancement and multiplication of your brands awareness. Our innovative approach and ideas are specifically tailored to increase your market penetration and brand awareness to the WOW! level. We will provide you with measurable results and we are constantly striving for excellence; we are committed to delivering your message to target consumers by engaging them emotionally.

How we started?

Sales Bridge was established in Calgary in 2023 with corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

With years of experience in strategic marketing and corporate communication, Sales Bridge is an authority in its field. Sales Bridge started out in Alberta and developed into an international brand management and professional marketing corporation with offices throughout Canada. Our direct project approach is based on expertise in marketing and communications, corporate and non-profit strategy development. Sales Bridge has worked and produced much sought after results with many corporate and non-profit clients. Canada Prime Marketing seeks to provide clients with the lowest cost-per-customer acquisition by developing individualized strategic marketing plans tailored to the specific company Sales Bridge is working with. Sales Bridge takes pride in being one of the nation’s most innovative marketing services companies. We offer brands a broad portfolio of in-store and tailor-made outdoor programs, providing the required tools to break through the clutter of today’s marketplace.